Centers of Influence Solutions

Message to Business Community:

The goal of ACAP is to work as a Small Business Development Center servicing Ashtabula County.  NEO Fund provides the baseline education for entrepreneurs while coaching and mentoring is available there is no immediate support service between the steps that helps business owners apply for financing and how to approach lenders to get the business started or help with expansion.  The goal of ACAP is to fill this gap so that we can create an entrepreneur ecosystem in Ashtabula County supporting business ownership through the entire process.

​Message to Lenders:

ACAP’s programs fill the gap of business ownership education thru understanding financial metrics, financial forecasting, forming Business Plans, to understanding lending covenants and requirements the businesses will need to meet.

Message to Government and Philanthropists:

The more small businesses we have in the county the greater the prosperity in Ashtabula County.  ACAP will help potential entrepreneurs get the funding they need so more people are working in the county.